Crucial Punishment

by Crucial Macabre

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released August 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Crucial Macabre Syracuse, New York

Adam Martinez - Guitar
Jimmy Bombardo - Drums
Greg Ambler - Vocals

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Track Name: PowerHoard
Treating the symptoms while spreading disease they lead us through torture and shelter themselves using us as their shields.
I'm not an innocent, we all play our part, but it's what we do with the things that we learn that separate us from the scum of this world.

Praying for your god damn blessings while misleading congregations, you've missed your chance for redemption because you don't learn your fucking lessons, and you would let these be the ones that teach you?
Track Name: I Thought You Liked Getting Fucked Up?
Don't waste your breath,
When every word is a lie there's no more reason to defend,
Mindset of an infant,
Naively disrespect while you sit and suck on the world's tit
We were all friends but you lost all self-respect,
You come to me with empty threats,
Out for yourself,
Out for your trends,
But don't give in, give up your fucking selfishness,
There's always somewhere to begin,
Just change the fucked up way you live
Track Name: Carpet Ceiling
You sit and you wait for but refuse to work towards, you party for power what a cool group of cowards, your standards are practiced through self-satisfaction, this isn't your lifestyle it's just a fucking fashion

Pull the pins from all the worlds grenades and let this world flood in its own disease cause i've grown so tired of living my life passively, we only get one so let's make it interesting

I'd like a tall fucking glass of whatever you had that makes you think you can act like a complete ass.
So many times i've let that shit slide but it's all in the past because you think the things you do don't affect me
Track Name: Just Give In
I cant think of anywhere i would rather be than in the presence of like minded company but there's a fine line between one sided grievances, Mistake my kindness for weakness and we'll see what the fuck is up
You cant take one fucking punch?
All that shit you fucking talk?
I found out you're not so tough
Don't let this bullshit affect you
Track Name: Crucial Punishment
Provisions of limitless assets are fashioned and forced down the throat of a working class whose ass backwards politics form the gaps between preaching and practice

The worst kinds of sure signs ignored

So you think you're limitless as your back is broken by the force of the work you grasp, cling tight to politics, you fill the cracks between preaching and practice
Track Name: Last Minute Changes
I'm counting backwards from ten just to give you a chance so make your confessions in stone but there's no change in substance.

A will that's based on a knowledge of life.

You're nothing but the role you play, deep cunning in a mask with no real face, and all we take from this world is nothing but we can make a dent by living a quality of life that's true.
Track Name: Syracuse Street Justice
Justice is best served when officers see that I'm not fucked up.
There's no place that's safe from me now that i have wised up, you're all fucked, there's no place that's safe in Syracuse.