Crucial Macaque

by Crucial Macabre

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released February 25, 2013

Recorded/Mastered at MoreSound in Syracuse by Shaun Sutkus



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Crucial Macabre Syracuse, New York

Adam Martinez - Guitar
Jimmy Bombardo - Drums
Greg Ambler - Vocals

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Track Name: Wash Out
It's pointless to think we'll get anything from this washed up existence the human race isn't gaining any distance, we live through the push and pull of a jaded world that is never going to come through
We're the crass, the ones that slip through the cracks, the ones that sneak in the back to avoid the people that ask,
Track Name: Ego Destroyer
There's no reason for us to exchange when every step forward is a foot in the grave, we're equal but opposite, for everything you love, there's someone out there that hates it
Imagination's left so bland and tasteless, but with ego, not everyone agrees with every thought you fucking think
Track Name: Godless Spirit
Waking from the early edge of a deep sleep where memories repeat like little seeds of dreams, but i wont be forced to believe whats fact for you, is fake to me
Nobody knows it's not true
Belief is a spirit with no proof
Exorcise the past in flames and learn from our mistakes
, you're all so fucking full of shame, you're all so fucking full of shit
Track Name: People Are Fucking Boring
Nothing ever sticks, change is so slow and our lives are gone in an instant
It's sickening to think that this could all just be a dream but still we live in our own realities of reasoning
I've tried all of my life while others just get by and fucking squander their free ride
I've tried all my life but we all live without the positive revolting classes acting as the passion while action is stifled by the passive because no one gives a fuck